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About Us

Community Health Mission (CHM)

Section 8 Company, registered under the Companies Act, 2013 with a not for profit purpose. Our aim is to reach out to every Indian who are at the plinth of the pyramid and provide them efficient healthcare delivery through effective digital medium. Our aim to create larger awareness about the health, hygiene and preventive measures for better life.

India is 2nd Largest Country in terms of Population, 7th largest economy from GDP perspective whereas 112th ranked for healthcare according to WHO. Country like India, which is seeing tremendous growth is genuinely lacking in good healthcare delivery systems. We are driven with a purpose of bringing paradigm shift in the regime of healthcare industry through effective blend of health and digital world.

CHM is launching e-health cards which is embedded with the features of affordable healthcare, digitally linked governmental benefits, benefits from various stakeholders of the society to card holders,Aadhaar linked mechanisms like Digital Signature Certificate, e-Sign, e-kyc, Aadhaar Authentication, Direct Bank Transfer (DBT), Free of Charge Bank account opening, and other value added services.


“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

Therefore, Focus of CHM to begin with, was to make preventive and primary healthcare services accessible and affordable to all the individuals and develop a financial framework based on the Indian cultural norms of community participation to fulfill the commitment of the government of India as stated by Bhore’s Committee in 1946


Since then the organization has been expanding continuously in terms of developing a network of healthcare facilities where some are self-owned and others are in joint ventures with other healthcare service providers like doctors, healthcare management companies. It is continuously working in developing a community participative, self-financing financial framework for ensuring financial assistance to all who need the help most when they are suffering from any disease and lack adequate finances to avail the healthcare services.

It has worked for the promotion of self-sustainable, economically viable, Community participatory healthcare models for delivering preventive and primary healthcare service and provide healthcare awareness through:

Program for Non communicable disease(NCD) identification and its awareness, Women centric hygiene and disease awareness, providing affordable Health service specially in preventive and primary healthcare domain and other human service through social research and dissemination of socially relevant knowledge, Skill development interventions through training and providing field exposure to healthcare service providers (lab technicians & phlebotomist), developing a digitally integrated e-health platform to provide single window digital system where social and welfare policies and programs of state and National levels are integrated for the public.

The organization has already been registered under

section 12/A, of Income Tax Act, 1961,

Section 80 G, of Income Tax Act, 1961

Is an ISO 9001:2018 certified

Established Community Health Nidhi a public limited company (a 100% subsidiary of CHM)

Objectives and Goals

Our key focus is to develop a network of healthcare service providers supported by CHM financial framework which will provide an affordable and accessible primary, secondary & tertiary healthcare service to all the citizens of India irrespective of their social status, financial status or their geographical distribution.

To develop a digitally integrated single window system for all the citizens so as to have access to finances as and when required to avail healthcare services based on the Indian culture of community participation.

To create a digitally enabled community funded financial eco-system to ensure social security to all specially for healthcare needs.

To develop primary to tertiary healthcare infrastructures with participation of local healthcare service providers

Provide an e-health cards to all the citizens of the country which is embedded with the features of affordable healthcare, digitally linked governmental benefits, enabling transfer of benefits from various stakeholders of the society to card holders, Adhaar linked mechanisms like Digital Signature Certificate, e-Sign, e-kyc, Adhaar Authentication, Direct Bank Transfer (DBT), Free of Charge Bank account opening, and other value added services

CHM & all its partners will be working towards the goal demonstrating following key values of H.E.A.L.T.H - Humility- (noun) the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance

Empathy- (noun) the ability to understand and share the feelings of another

Assurance- (noun) confidence or certainty in one’s own abilities

Loyalty- (noun) a strong feeling of support or allegiance

Teamwork- (noun) the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient

Harmony- ((noun) the state of being in agreement or concord

Utilization of local wisdom and resources.

Encouragement of innovation and creativity.

Prioritizing quality.

Enhancing coordination and networking.

Accepting challenges.

Local Community is the smallest recognizable structure of society which supports all its members when they are in need.

In the potential power of the local community consisting of neighbors, friends and relatives to participate actively in development initiatives within their community.

Organization Profile Community Health Mission Providing Social security for the basic right of good health, education and food is the fundamental responsibility of society first and government second.

In equal opportunity for man and women in society irrespective of class, age, ethnic, culture or religion, social & economic status and geographical divide.

All Human Rights for all.

In freedom of expression, movement and choice by man and women alike.

In social harmony free from communal bias.

Freedom for work, education and skill development.



1) Nirog Bharat

Under Nirog Bharat program CHM is setting up Nirog Bharat Centers with Diagnostic, OPD and Pharmacy services in the interior small towns of various districts of India. These Centers shall work along with the District Health Authorities and State Govt for schemes and programs, holding periodic health camps along with providing basic treatment, pharmacy and ambulance services. The results of the activities at centre and various camps then shall be uploaded to an integrated healthcare network that connects up to other mainstream healthcare centers situated in major city of the said district wherein consultation and further advance treatment shall be made available with renowned specialist Doctors.

The intervention aim to strengthen these government programmes by focusing on early screening, diagnosis and referral management for Non Communicable diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Anaemia, three of the most common cancers – oral cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer and others diseases through skill building of frontline workers, increasing technology adoption, providing a continuum of care through access to regular treatment and follow-ups and access to appropriate medicines in a timely manner.

2) Sakhi

Sakhi Program has is designed with women centricity, to promote wellness, preventive health checks, promote menstrual health & hygiene by installing sanitary pad vending machines & pad incinerators for bio-safe disposal supporting Swaach Bharat Mission, Govt of India in the rural and urban areas.

3) Upchaar

Upchaar is a financing assistance program for providing low cost funds for treatment especially in case of elective surgeries and hospitalization so as to ensure that disease burden should not result in the financial burden for the individual and family.

4) CarePay

CarePay program (financial assurance) of Community Health Nidhi Limited (100% subsidiary of Community Health Mission) is a community driven financial inclusion program shall assist public in availing financial assistance for their preventive, primary healthcare and out of pocket expense needs as well as for financial planning arising during long term hospitalization.

5) Get Skilled

Get skilled program is intended provide necessary skills i.e. technical and non-technical to local people who shall work as frontline workers so that they can not only serve the community but also get self-employed and earn their livelihood.

6) Swasthya Shikha

Where we will be imparting awareness in community on various aspects of health & wellness. Including but not limited to awareness on Non-Communicable diseases, Lifestyle diseases, common household remedies, benefit of Hygiene/ Sanitation, Vaccination & Prevention of Diseases, Yoga & Exercises, balanced diet & nutrition, Portable clean water, Age, Gender, Disease specific health check up etc

Issues of Concern

Community health Mission was established in 2015 with a noble vision to fulfill the commitment of the government of India as stated by Bhore’s Committee in 1946


Despite the inputs given by Bhore’s Committee in 1946 to Government of India, even after 72 years India ranks 145th among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare, behind our neighbors like China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, according to a Lancet study.

Various Issues of Concern are:

India have hospital bed to population ratio of 0.9 beds per 1000 population. According to WHO standards, a minimum of 2.9 beds per 1000 is required. The new healthcare policy which was released by the government in March 2017 mandates a minimum of 2 beds per 1000. Huge gap in healthcare infrastructure is present.

Lack of Skilled manpower specially in healthcare sector. At present India has doctor: population ration of 1:2000 and Nurse: population at 1:2950. Also, there is a huge deficiency of paramedical and other healthcare workers to cater to the Indian Population which is growing continuously.

Huge burden of out of pocket expenses for availing preventive and primary healthcare services resulting in additional financial burden on the patient as well as his/her family. It is stated that in 2017 alone 55 million Indian population went below poverty line due to out of pocket medical expenses.

Inadequate healthcare insurance and assurance support from various Government schemes and programs. Though government is increasing the annual health budget from 3% of GDP to 4.5% still a lot of investment is required in creating the healthcare infrastructure and human resource.

Increase in the disease load of Non-Communicable and lifestyle diseases and lack of awareness among population.

Highly complicated and administratively exhaustive government mechanism to avail benefits from various healthcare schemes and programs as run by State and central Government for the beneficiaries.

Lack of health-related awareness and information among population.

Our Focus area

Establishment of Nirog Bharat centers across the country to make healthcare assessable and affordable for rural population.

Establish Secondary and Tertiary care hospitals in the central cities of each Indian District.

Develop Community centric healthcare ecosystem via equal participation of local community and local healthcare service providers.

Provide financial mechanism to all the population so as to enable them to avail healthcare services as and when required irrespective of availability of their individual financial capacity.

Development of digitally integrated e-healthcare platform which integrates healthcare services availed and provide access to government run healthcare schemes and programs as per the categorization done by government for the beneficiaries.

Develop digitally integrated healthcare service provider platform which integrates services of doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical vendors, healthcare device vendors and healthcare insurance providers.

Create integrated network of other non-government organizations working the healthcare domain and various corporate organization who contribute towards CSR so as to bring transparency in the proper utilization of all the resources like manpower and financial resource.


Focus of CHM to begin with was to make preventive and primary healthcare accessible and affordable to all the individuals. And also associate local healthcare provides like Doctors, para medical staff and volunteers to achieve the community participation in bringing the services to the public.

I) In year 2015-16 CHM began its pilot program of Nirog Bharat by establishing a temporary Pathology laboratory in the region of Jamnager (Gujrat). This center was named as Nirog Bharat center. Here Preventive health checkups where performed on all the employees and their families who were working in the Jamnagar refineries of Reliance and Essar companies. Along with health checkups health awareness information was rendered to the public on regular basis. Health checkups provided substantial health related data to the employees & their family members and helped them in identifying some dieses which they were suffering from and were unaware of which includes some like borderline hypertension, borderline Diabetes, various allergies, Anemia and COPD’s.

From year 2016-18 various pilot Nirog Bharat camps were organized in association with regional consultants and small hospitals in the rural and urban region of Saurashtra (Gujrat), Maharashtra, Punjab and Delhi.

In Year 2019-20 CHM established its first Advance Nirog Bharat Centre in Delhi. This center provides advance Pathology laboratory services with automatic machines, OPD services, Dental service, Physiotherapy service and Pharmacy service.

IV) In Year 2019-20 village level Nirog Bharat center has been established in village of Halem in Assam which provided diagnostic service, OPD service and Pharmacy service to local population. This center provides services to about 20-30 people every day who had to travel about 50-60 km for availing primary healthcare service.

V) Further development is going on to establish 50 more such Nirog Bharat centers in various regions of Assam like Guwahati City, Various sub-divisions area of dhakuwakhana, Nazira, Sipajhar, Kharupetia, Dhekiajuli and Other districts like Dhuburi, Majuli, Golaghat and Hajo VI) A Nirog Bharat center with Diagnostic facilities and dental services has been established in Bahadurgarh city of District Jhajjar, Haryana. It caters to about 15-20 patients per day at present.

4) CarePay

CarePay program (financial assurance) of Community Health Nidhi Limited (100% subsidiary of Community Health Mission) is a community driven financial inclusion program shall assist public in availing financial assistance for their preventive, primary healthcare and out of pocket expense needs as well as for financial planning arising during long term hospitalization.

VII) Weekly health checkup Camps are organized in Delhi, Halem (Assam) and Bahadurgarh (Haryana) region.

> At Delhi each camp provides services to about 30-50 people.

> At Halem (Assam) each camp provides services to about 100-150 people.

> At Bahadurgarh (Haryana) each camp provides services to about 30-50 people.

VIII) Corporate Health checkup camp has been organized at Wearhouse of Flipkart that catered to the about 600 employees.

Management & Planning

As a part of culture at Community Health Mission, great importance is given to continuous learning, improvement and reform in its internal policies and processes, so as to strengthen its planning, monitoring and evaluation function. Through continuous intervention and implementation of internal processes its human resources, finance and administrative management has begun to yield results. Progress has been made in standardizing a predictable year planning process, as well as in starting to build the capacity of members and providing guidance on results, based planning and monitoring. This continuous process of generation of lessons learned, converting in to reforms of policies and processes and adherence to best practices, will require further improvement.

Structure & Governing Body

The Board of Directors of the organization are responsible for providing right direction and conduct the organization’s General operations, performing duties under power delegated by the board. As provided in the Article of constitution. The Board of Directors meets regularly at headquarters in Delhi, Board serve Audit and budget for programmed, development effectiveness, Governance and Administrative matters. The administration and financial control of Community Health Mission is vested in the Board of Directors which comprise of the Hon’ble Chairman and Directors


Mr. Mahesh Manohar Kulkarni BEd.(Chemical Engineering); MBA (Finance)
Mr. Mahesh Kanhaiyalal Prajapati MBA (Finance)

Name of the chief Functionary and their Qualification

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