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"Shape it up! Health is a Boon – Care for it. ..."

We help for one reason only: to support the excellent of healthcare and health improvement to the patients and public of India. We work for the welfare of women and children in the purpose of education and health. To improve your health and well being in underserved communities by leveraging the power of collaboration. Health education is becoming increasingly important in today’s healthcare environment as per sentence conditions become more widespread. When education is provided to patients and they do not follow recommendations given by healthcare providers and they also do not understand the information provided to them.

The mission of CHM is to
1.) Increase health poetic by advocating for a health education class requirement for high school graduation
2.) Improve and maintain the dishonesty of health education through political advocacy on behalf of students, health teachers, and communities
3.) Provide access to information on current health trends, prospectus resources
4.) Create a professional home with networking chances for health educators.